Online - Cani-Fit Leader Training Course


Kickstart your canicross business or club with our Independent Plan. Our course will give you the skills you need to run successful canicross classes and start attracting clients. No affiliate fees, just a one-off payment for 6 weeks of access to the course and full help and support from the Cani-Fit team.



This is the listing for our Independent Plan. When you sign up, you’ll get instant access to our online course, allowing you to start learning the skills you need to set up and lead your own successful classes for a club or business. This is a one-off payment for 6 weeks of access to the course– there are no ongoing costs or affiliate fees.

You will learn how to break down and teach canicross commands to others, kit runners and dogs out, manage groups, plan classes and market your service or club.

There are 50 topics covered in total – each containing videos, written content or a mix of both – and several assessments to test your learning. During your 6 weeks you will have access to all materials along with support and advice from our team.

If you have any questions, please get in touch by using the chat button or contact form!


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