We’re based in Scotland but train people from all over the world.

Cani-Fit originated in 2011 after founder Lindsay realised there was a gap in the market for people who want to improve their fitness, exercise their dog and train their dog in sled dog sports.

Since its humble beginnings, Cani-Fit has grown from strength to strength; going from Lindsay training other people’s dogs, to today’s enthusiastic team of leaders taking classes across Scotland.

We deliver top quality fitness training classes teaching runners and their dogs how best to Canicross, Cani-Hike, Bikejor and Scooter.

We host events, races and are also the founders of Ruff Dugger.

As well as training newcomers and experienced runners alike, we also deliver professional training courses and help others become leaders in the field.

Cani-Fit have a huge wealth of knowledge and experience with National/World Champions in sled dog sports. Training, running with and developing dogs’ fitness is something we live and breathe.

We hope to share our passion with others and educate how best to work with your dog for the long run.